What Could Go Wrong is a song from the Vampirina episode "Critters!" It is sung by Vee as she watches over the egg that Dr. Paquttte left at her house to prove that she can a critterarian like him.



Growing up in Transylvania
We all had critter mania
For spiders, birds and lizards, and fish

We had hounds that are quite loyal
And toads that turn out royal
And cats who grant your wildest wish

I've seen mutant tap-dancing chimpanzees
And a kraken singing a song
One little egg I'll handle with ease
What could go wrong?

I have cared for lots of creatures
For shriekers and squeakers
For beasts so big they make the ground shake

And so I don't mind admitting
I'm pretty sure exceeding
Will be a piece of scareberry cake

With a hungry plant as my household pet
And a werewolf tagging along
One little egg I've got it, no sweat

What could go wrong? (3x)


Vampirina What Could Go Wrong - Song Music Video

Vampirina What Could Go Wrong - Song Music Video


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