The Scream Girls are an all-female monster rock band who appear in the Disney Junior animated series, Vampirina. They are Vee's favorite band from Transylvania. The band members are FrankenStacy (lead singer and guitarist), Creepy Caroline (rhythm guitarist), and Ghastly Gayle (drummer).


  • Franken Stacy - The lead singer and guitarist. Much like Frankenstein, her body is held together with stitches and has bolts on both sides of her neck. She has long black hair with a lightning bolt streak tied in a ponytail.
  • Creepy Caroline - The rhythm guitarist, who has wear a pumpkin themed dress. She is possibly a gorgon, mainly because she has snakes for hair, but does not appear to have the ability to turn people to stone by looking into her eyes.
  • Ghastly Gayle - The drummer who play the drums with bones. She is known to have odd colored yes, one blue and the other purple.



  • Creepy Caroline is Poppy's fave.
  • Ghastly Gayle is given bat tails like Vampirina Hauntley.
  • FrankenStacy is presumably favored by Bridget.
  • It is an obvious parody of the Dazzlings from My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks.
    • Althought they are similiar, but their personalities are different. The Dazzlings are bad girls, but the Scream Girls are good girls.