Poppy Peepleson is the deuteragonist in Disney Junior's Vampirina. She becomes Vampirina's new best friend after Vamprina moves to Pennsylvania.


Poppy Peepleson is very thoughtful, caring and stands up for people when their upset or worried.


Poppy Peepleson is a young girl around the same age as Vampirina. She has chesnut brown skin and chocolate brown hair. Poppy’s eyes are light brown and has two eyelashes.

She wears an orange long sleeved shirt with a dark pink blouse over the top with three stars over the top, one large and the others small. She also wears purple leggings, a pink bracelet and pink hairband.


Poppy appeared in some episodes.

Season 1


  • It is currently unknown if she or Edgar is the oldest twin.
  • She is hispanic, as revealed in Nanpire the Great.


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