Phoebe Ravenson is a young witch and the eponymous girl in the Vampirina episode "The Little Witch".

In the episode, she and her parents visit The Scare B&B where she befriends Vampirina Hauntley, who, along with Demi and Gregoria, help her improve her witch skills so she can be as good as her parents.


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Phoebe Ravenson is a young witch with a pointy nose and pale green skin with faint freckles matching her parents. She has braided pigtails with an orange hair color. She wears a black witch hat with a pink strap and a star on it, a moon pendant, a white and grey cat sweater with striped sleeves and a red belt and pants, purple leggings with small pink polka-dots, and brown boots with two black straps each.


Season 1



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