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Oxana Hauntley is Vampirina's mother in the Disney Junior animated series Vampirina.[1] She enjoys gardening and loves plants.[2]


She is a loving and caring mother to Vampirina.

She runs the Scare B&B, hosting various monster guests. However, she is a poor cook, requiring Chef Remy Bones to help her prepare dishes. Like her daughter, she is eager to be in the human world, but also gets overwhelmed and anxious. Both are also fearful around vibrations, as Vee fears cows due to being caught in a herd of calves, while Oxana fears the hoofbeats of horses.

In "The Bird Who Knew Too Much", she casts a spell using glowing blue dust on the fence Gregoria is trapped in. Rather than banishing her, it simply animates the fence to leap up and down.


She is slender and has a periwinkle skin, pointed ears, red lips, long black hair with two red front streaks, and almond-shaped purple eyes.

In "Vampire Weekend", when Vee asks, "isn't she beautiful Papa?" Boris says "she doesn't look a day over five hundred" as a compliment, implying she is older than 500 years old.


Oxana is a main character of Vampirina. She appeared in some episodes.

Season 1


  • The surname Hauntley does not appear in the first episode. It is first used in episode 2a, "The Sleepover" when Poppy says "Hello Mrs. Hauntley" to Oxana.
  • According to Boris in "Vampire Weekend", Oxana is over five hundred years old.


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