"On Ghoulentine’s Day" is a song from the Vampirina episode, "Vee is for Valentine". It is sung by Vee as tells Poppy Peepleson and Bridget about Ghoulentine’s Day.



On a certain day in February
Transylvanians all convey
Wishes for a day that’s sweet and scary
Called Ghoulentine’s Day

Goblins giving sweets to ghosts and mummies
Chocolate screams and shriek sorbet
Ooey gooey treats and ghastly gummies
On Ghoulentine’s Day

It’s a day to show your friends you’re always thinking of them
A ghoulentine is just the perfect way to say you love them

Spooky hearts decaying flowers
In a lovely black bouquet
Monster-grams with magic powers
On Ghoulentine’s

On Ghoulentine’s Day


On Ghoulentine's Day Music Video Vampirina Disney Junior

On Ghoulentine's Day Music Video Vampirina Disney Junior


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