Gregoria is a supporting character in the Disney Junior animated series Vampirina.

Along with Demi, she helps take care of and guide Vampirina Hauntley when her parents are away. She is often grumpy and sarcastic, but loves her friends deep down and enjoys spending time with them.


In "Going Batty", she says she sat in the same position for 473 years.

In "Vee Goes Viral", she said "when you're 473 years old".

In "The Bird Who Knew Too Much", she says "I'll be stuck here forever, what's another four hundred and seventy three years?"

In "Vee Is for Valentine", She doesn't love Ghoulintines Day.


Gregoria is a small stone gargoyle, her left ear is chipped and her left horn is broken in half. Her tail has small bat wings on it.


Season 1


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