I'm out!
— Edgar when making an exit

Edgar Peepleson is a supporting character in Disney Junior’s Vampirina. He is Poppy Peepleson’s twin brother and Vampirina Hauntley’s neighbor and friend.

He is interested in all things supernatural, and uses his smartphone to film anything potentially interesting onto his web show “Weekly Weirdness”. As a result, Vampirina and her parents try their best to keep their true identity as a vampire a secret so they can continue to live a normal life.


Edgar is a friendly boy who is in love with anything weird (epically monsters). He wants to be famous that's why he has a web show.


Edgar has brown hair and light brown skin. Wears a red shirt over a blue and light grey pants. He has brown eyes.


Season 1


  • It is unknown if him or Poppy is the older twin.
  • He is Hispanic as revealed in Nanpire the Great.
  • Frights Camera Action was the first time he called Poppy his sister


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