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— Boris

Boris Hauntley is Vampirina's father in Disney Junior animated series Vampirina.[1] Vampirina describes him to be "spookily silly" and a huge fan of monster football team called the Transylvania Trolls.[2]


Boris Hauntley is Vampirina Hauntley's father. He is a silly and excitable father, but also caring and mature. Like his daughter, he is good at ad-libbing and joking in difficult times. He enjoys props and costumes, such as when he dressed up as a scary vampire for Edgar, Poppy, Bridget, and Vee's film in "Frights Camera Action."


Boris has a slender and a muscular body. He has periwinkle skin, pointed ears, black hair, and purple eyes. He also wears black glasses.


Boris is a main character in Vampirina. He appeared in some episodes.

Season 1


  • His full name is not spoken until "Mummy Mayhem" when Vee says "My parents, Oxana and Boris Hauntley".
  • He has stinky breath.
  • In "The Bird Who Knew Too Much", Oxana calls Boris "Bat Cakes" and princess-carries him.


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